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Workshops, Firesides & Boardroom Briefings

Company directors need to think very differently about growth and risk in the 2020's. Aarron helps leaders understand the unique governance challenges of Industry 4.0 and the very personal leadership burden it creates. Moving into wider team settings, we know that people learn the best when relaxed, and so most of Aarron's sessi0ns are intentionally informal and fun. With a whiteboard marker in hand, the format will put your team at ease, even as they are challenged to think, and then to re-think. Lastly, fireside chats are a great way to lift the content up a little and to explore key ideas that empower growth. 

Book Aarron's Class: Customering in the Modern Era 

Responsible for trillions of dollars in annual corporate loss, the populist customer experience (CX) movement has failed.


Aarron helps companies un-learn the most typical and damaging mythologies, replacing them with the science and practical management practice necessary to properly manage the most critical asset of any business: the customer base.

Forget the certifications of a failed movement.


If you're a marketer, strategy leader, or work in the CX field, this is for you!

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