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Advisory Days

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NOT an agency.


Aarron provides advisory days to companies in search of proper market and customer governance, and effective operating modes. Additionally, he helps leadership teams frame the realm of contemporary innovation. His work draws from marketing science, validated engagement theory, consumer psychology, practical management experience, and his multi-disciplinary research, to deliver actionable operating principles.

Reject the 'CX' hype and isolated digital distractions. Re-learn how to deliver. 

Areas of Focus


The Marketing to Service BowTie Model (c) 

Understanding the intersection, and distinctions, between marketing execution and customer service programs. Guidance includes assistance to define and then optimise the operating model.


The Customer Engagement Stack (c)

Most companies do not understand what a customer operating model is constructed of, or the components and roles of each part of the stack. Aarron teaches the guiding principles for ongoing engagement excellence.


Customer Executive Mentoring Program

The populist CX industry is in it's infancy, and lacks scientific foundation. Paradoxically, the saturation of digital technology in this setting has radically degraded the quality of customer service. These advisory days provide critical knowledge and a safe harbour for learning and development.


Management Offsite

Group sessions for leadership teams looking to unpack and de-mystify the increasingly cluttered customer management arena, and for some amazing war stories to inspire - and sober - the room.


The Marketing Governance Imperative

For company directors (and boards) seeking to deliver improved performance for shareholders and to understand the critical role of market and category diagnostics in both BAU and M&A activities.


The Customer & Marketing Tech

Both wastefully and ineffectively, many companies simply buy technologies, adopting industry use cases, then add a data lake or platform, and retrospective integration. Instead, the key principles of the Customer Engagement Stack align to the design of a governing, dynamic, master technology architecture. Delivered in partnership with groundbreaking firm, EnterpriseMARTECH, copyright owner of The Engagement Fabric


Beyond Innovation

Is corporate innovation enough?  Should we seek a paradigm shift, or is simple iteration adequate, and how do we make that assessment. To vision alternative futures, ones that harness emergent technologies like generatuve AI, Aarron shares principles of causual layered analysis.  

Must be among the leading thinkers connecting humanity and business, and with real-world operational know-how

Dean Jenkins, CRO

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