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Strategic Sponsors

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Sponsoring Aarron's work is a
business partnership that your sales + marketing people and customers will thank you for!

For customer and marketing technology (martech) vendors, advanced digital innovation providers, and related professional advisory firms, Aarron will become a critical part of your fabric.


From advising offering teams on the relevant sciences, to providing market-facing differentiation through globally renowned thought leadership, together we'll advance the mission of your firm, and its customers, in concert.

Sponsors provide the basis for Aarron's continued work and are the first to benefit. To optimise the partnership there are only limited spaces available each year.

Discover the Advantages of Sponsorship

9 in 10 decision-makers and c-suite executives say they are more receptive to a company that consistently produces high-quality thought leadership

62% say they most value thought leadership that is produced or written by a prominent, well-respected expert

Package Inclusions

Tailored packages varying each of the elements together with copies of Aaron's book with custom forewords are available.

Statistics from '2024 B2B Thought Leadership Impact Report' (EDELMAN)

Keynote presentations or speeches in a public forum, tailoring the most advanced customer and innovation sciences to the field and audience.

Authored whitepapers under sponsor branding related to the science and trends of their business and markets, driving critical thought that differentiates the company from run-rate competitors - and provokes the status quo. [52% of decision-makers and 54% of c-suite executives spend an hour or more on average per week reading thought-leadership content]

Client and or staff events, management offsite, or executive briefings each year, on a themed basis.

Sponsor advisory days consumed in person, or via conference/phone. 

Sponsors have PRIORITY ACCESS over non-sponsor clients.

[Preferential status and planning]

Previous Brand Work

Find out more about becoming a Sponsor

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