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The Work

Aarron's work is drawn from several distinct but overlapping fields, culminating in these key topics. These are his signature works.

The Customer Engagement Stack 

The guiding hand of history is at work in lighting our path forward. The 4 economic eras of commodities, products, services, and experiences inform a modern engagement stack - all super-powered by the intersection of humanity and its digital creations. 

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The Marketing to
Customering Bow Tie

Aarron's work to help companies distinguish between the outbound growth concepts of marketing and the engagement-based principles of service (or customer experience) is best illustrated by his bow tie model. Optimising the handshake between targeting segments, and engaging individuals.

Understanding Customer Management ROI

Too many companies and their "CX" teams have little to no critical understanding of the role of customer management in value creation (and protection). Their operational model and budget proposals are based on false premises. This guide looks at the three business effects of customer management programs: Brand Diminished (most common), Brand Upside (unsustainable / non-strategic), and Brand Preserved (best in class)

The Effect of Customer Management.png
The Trust Formula V1.png

The Trust Formula

Understanding the neurological triggers that birth the trust condition, the keys to replicating that at brand and organisational level, and the inter-relationship of it all.

The 5 Rings of Growth 

Ever wondered why less than 10% of corporate strategy is realised? The 5 key areas of growth are rarely understood - and applied even less - to strategy and market engagement. 






The 5 Rings of Growth V1.png
Computer Sketch

The Futurescape

Colliding our understanding of our past and our deepest selves with the methods of futurology, helps us re-think purpose, and design alternative futures for tomorrow's brands and communities.

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